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Bei habe ich gerade einen Artikel mit 37 Tipps von namhaften Musikproduzenten gefunden und ich hab euch hier einfach mal ein paar davon aufgelistet.

Liam Howlett, The Prodigy

“Buy Superman albums. Y’know, big theme tunes from films. You get a horn section playing a chord and just sample a short section of that. If I hear a chord I like I sample it.”

Will Gregory, Goldfrapp

“I’m all for progress but the time you spend upgrading your gear is time you spend not making music. We worked with Flood on our last album and he turned up with Logic 4.8 running on OS 9. The results sounded pretty good to me.”


“One of the hardest things to learn is when not to compress something. I always thought that I should be struggling with compressor settings to get them right but if the instrument sounds fine exactly as it was recorded, just bring up the fader.

“Having a globally objective perspective is also really hard – forcing you to listen to something in the context of the song, not soloed out, and loud. Sometimes, I still have to fight the knee-jerk reaction to process everything and compress it all.”

Simian Mobile Disco

“Before archiving a track that you have finished or given up on, try deactivating all the active tracks and reactivating all the inactive tracks. It might be shit on its own but it might be the start of a whole new direction for the track, or something new.”

Karl Hyde, Underworld

“When I’m writing lyrics and need inspiration, I go for a walk and look at everything around me. I carry a notebook and write it down. When it comes to recording, I sing them straight from the notebook.”

Fatboy Slim

“I always find a vocal hook first. That’s the most difficult part because other things can always be programmed. I usually stretch a few things but the rule is if it’s within three semitones I’ll use it but if it’s eight semis out I’m wasting my time.”

Gui Boratto

“Most people usually solo things when equalising. I never solo a track when EQing. I’m also a grid freak. When I create something in MIDI I always record and transform it into audio, to have total control of time and to have other options such as EQs, dynamics and effects.”

Den kompletten Artikel mit allen Tipps gibt’s hier.

Habt ihr noch weitere Tipps und Tricks, was das produzieren angeht, dann schreibt uns doch einfach in die Kommentare.

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