Free Download: Mathias Kaden – Theatral (feat. Alex Rauh)


Unser Freund Matze haut nen Free Track raus. Mathias Kaden … mehr muss man eigentlich nicht sagen. Der Mann ist nicht nur einer der besten DJs sondern produziert auch richtig gute Musik. Anhören und genießen!

The song ‘Theatral’ is an exclusive free download to say thank you to the 10,000+ friends who have joined me at Facebook and support me and my music.
I did this song at the end of 2007 with my good friend Alex Rauh who plays saxophone on this track.
It was to be included on my first artist album ‘Studio 10’ in 2009 but we were unable to finish it in time.
I would like to give it as a present to you all to say thank you.

Mathias Kaden featuring Axel Rauh – ‘Theatral’
Produced 2007 @ Studio 10