Battle of the Drum Machines: Oberheim vs. Linn

Battle Of The Drum Machines
by Opolopo on Mixcloud

Bei den Blog.Rebellen hab ich gerade eben dieses Mixtape entdeckt. Schon allein die Headline “Battle of the Drum Machines” zauberte mir als Fan analoger Drum Machines ein breites Grinsen ins Gesicht. Das Mixtape wurde von Opolopo gemixt und featured Tracks, in denen Drum Machines von Linn und Oberheim zu hören sind. Linn ist vertreten mit der LM-1 und der LinnDrum. Von Oberheim gibt es die Modelle DMX und DX zu hören.

As a teenager I was totally fascinated by drum machines and programmed rhythms. In the early 80’s, anything that didn’t have synths and drum machines sounded dated and boring to me. That went for jazz (well, fusion to be precise) as well as soul and funk. I’ve *cough – matured – cough* a bit since but that fascination still remains. So I thought I’d do a mix featuring the two legendary drum machines from that era (1982-1986) that were the first to feature sampled sounds – The Linn and the Oberheim. The mix features four models. Linn’s LM-1 and Linndrum and Oberheim’s DMX and DX. These babies reigned supreme for a few years before they were replaced by more advanced machines and machines that allowed you to easily sample your own sounds. The mix let’s them go head to head battle style, back to back. It starts off with a little warm up I programmed to show off the sounds of each machine. First the Oberheim then the Linn. After that the real battle begins – enjoy!

Battle of the Drum Machines

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