30 kostenlose Audio Plugins für Mac OS X

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Heute habe ich mal ein paar kostenlose Audio Plugins für alle Mac User unter euch. Die Plugins stammen von Airwindows und liegen alle im AU-Format vor. Nach dem Klick habe ich euch die 30 Plugins inklusive einer Beschreibung aufgelistet.

  • AcousticBass, convolution modeling of acoustic bass
  • Airwindows Impulses, which is not a plugin but is a set of reverb impulses for convolution reverbs
  • Amps is all six Airwindows amp plugins for free. Buy Cabs or use them with a speaker convolution impulse- these are pre-speaker.
  • CabSVT, the ultimate bass guitar plugin
  • Channel, the classic mix buss and individual channel analogifying plug. Back to the original formula by popular demand!
  • ChannelEQ, a basic four-band fixed-frequency EQ which passes bit-identical output when set flat
  • Chorus, a taste of the Airwindows modulation effects for free
  • Crystal, the colorless but still fully functional version of the Character plugs, free!
  • Density, a very warm overdrive. Warning, extremely high gain at high settings!
  • Digital Black, a special gate which defaults to 16 bit noisefloor and can gate different sounds with different degrees of staccato.
  • DitherDemo, which shows you how dither works (truncation, flat, TPDF, and Airwindows special dithers) up close and personal!
  • DitherTo is Chris’s personal choice for the ultimate dither to 16 bit, and the ultimate dither to 24 bit- different one each time- and FREE to benefit the industry (dither is not a huge market segment, frankly)
  • Doubler, just what it says. Another slick Airwindows pitch-shifter freebie.
  • Drive, a gutsier, edgier overdrive.
  • Flanger, more Airwindows modulation magic for a really sweet, airy flange
  • Flutter, which includes a stereo version, sounds fantastic, but doesn’t have working delay compensation, so it’s free too.
  • Fracture, the 2008 Airwindows Xmas present for lovers of ugly sound everywhere 🙂
  • FreeverbCJ, the ultimate Freeverb hack- adjust room size AND RT60 independently, not just RT60 labeled ‘room size’
  • Gate, formerly for sale here, in a simplified but still amazing-sounding version
  • Nikola, an attempt to do the sound of an audio Tesla Coil. NASTY!
  • Pressure, an early vari-mu compressor design
  • RMSBuddyCJ, graphical RMS readout for easy reference on hot modern mastering levels
  • SampleDelay, the only sample delay with negative delay, allowing you to nudge things slightly ahead of the beat, as well as behind.
  • Silhouette is a specialized plugin that takes a track and replaces it entirely with noise shaped to the exact dynamic profile of the track- use it to tell if you have a beat or just an over-compressed mess 😉
  • Slew, just the slew section of what’s now in Channel.
  • SpacedOut is just the ‘aliased Myspace monitoring’ section of SpaceOdyssey, might also be good for low-fi old school sampler sounds in conjunction with Slew.
  • Stereo Chorus, the stereo version of Chorus. Modulates both channels! Feed with mono or dual mono.
  • Vibrato, which can be set with vibratos so fast it becomes ring modulation, and can do two frequencies at once- try doing chimelike sounds or similar effects.
  • Dual Mono Verbs, my first reverb attempts. Dual Mono is unusual- it’s not a realistic room sound, but it sits in the mix in a special way. Replaced by FarSpace as a commercial product, all Verbs buyers get FarSpace/NearSpace free now that Verbs is a freebie 🙂
  • Wah is the definitive Airwindows style plugin. It’s a wah pedal. Really- try it. Unlike anything else in software- it sounds, feels and reacts like an analog wah pedal.

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