Tribute to Daft Punk Mix

Arturs Mednis hat diesen fast zweistündigen Tribute-Mix zusammengestellt. Bei den Tracks handelt es sich allerdings nicht um die originalen Daft Punk Tracks sondern um jene Tracks, von denen Daft Punk gesampled haben. In der Tracklist finden sich allerdings auch ein paar Originale, die von den beiden Daft Punks in deren anderen Projekten gesampled wurden.

It’s no secret that Daft Punk is influenced by 80s disco, house and funk artitsts and tracks. Even more – in some songs (One More Time, Around The World, Digital Love, Harder Better Faster Stronger, Superheroes, Voyager, Veridis Quo, Da Funk, Robot Rock, etc) they used snippets and samples from another songs.

To express the honor of those musicians whose tracks have been used by Daft Punk, I’ve created this mix, which consists of the original tracks only by artists whose samples Daft Punk used in their creative work. The most interesting part at the end – try to guess which song was used as part/sample of the Daft Punk song.

This mix summarizes not only the musicians whose songs was used by Daft Punk, but also some of those original songs of which were taken samples. If you know any more songs that Daft Punk have used as samples in their songs (if not included in this mix), write artist and song names in comment section at the bottom, please.

Die Tracklist gibt es nach dem Klick und ich habe einfach mal versucht, hinter jeden Track den dazugehörigen Daft Punk Track zu schreiben.

Tracklist “Tribute to Daft Punk”:

  • 10cc – “Dreadlock Holiday”
  • Os Band & B.B. & Q. Band Feat. Rakim – “The Finest”
  • Vaughan Mason & Crew – “Bounce Rock Skate Roll” – sampled in “Da Funk”
  • Cory Daye – “Rainy Day Boy”
  • Breakwater – “Release The Beast” – sampled in “Robot Rock”
  • Sister Sledge – “He’s The Greatest Dancer”
  • Little Anthony & The Imperials – “Can You Imagine” – sampled in “Crescendolls”
  • Edwin Birdsong – “Cola Bottle Baby” – sampled in “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”
  • Barry Manilow – “Copacabana”
  • Chaka Khan – “Fate” – sampled in “Music Sounds Better with You” (Stardust)
  • Oliver Cheatham – “Get Down Saturday Night” – sampled in “Voyager”
  • Karen Young – “Hot Shot” – sampled in “Indo Silver Club”
  • B.B. & Q. Band – “On The Beat”
  • Tata Vega – “Get It Up For Love” – sampled in “Da Funk (10 Minutes of Funk Mix)”
  • Brothers Johnson – “Stomp”
  • Elo – “Evil Woman” – sampled in “Face to Face”
  • Cerrone – “Supernature” – sampled in “Veridis Quo”
  • George Duke – “I Love You More” – sampled in “Digital Love”
  • Sister Sledge – “Il Macquillage Lady” – sampled in “Aerodynamic”
  • Cory Daye – “Pow Wow”
  • Cerrone – “Give Me Love” – sampled in “Intergalatik Disko” (Le Knight Club)
  • George Duke – “Brazilian Love Affair”
  • Eddie Johns – “More Spell On You” – sampled in “One More Time”

Wem noch weitere Samples auffallen, der kann das gerne in den Kommentaren posten. Ich ergänze das dann gerne noch nachträglich.

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