Free Download: Mathias Kaden – Theatral (feat. Alex Rauh)


Unser Freund Matze haut nen Free Track raus. Mathias Kaden … mehr muss man eigentlich nicht sagen. Der Mann ist nicht nur einer der besten DJs sondern produziert auch richtig gute Musik. Anhören und genießen!

The song ‘Theatral’ is an exclusive free download to say thank you to the 10,000+ friends who have joined me at Facebook and support me and my music.
I did this song at the end of 2007 with my good friend Alex Rauh who plays saxophone on this track.
It was to be included on my first artist album ‘Studio 10’ in 2009 but we were unable to finish it in time.
I would like to give it as a present to you all to say thank you.

Mathias Kaden featuring Axel Rauh – ‘Theatral’
Produced 2007 @ Studio 10

MELT! Festival 2011: Die ersten Acts

Melt! Festival 2011

Auch in diesem Jahr wird das Melt! Festival wieder in Ferropolis stattfinden und nun geht es auch schon mit den ersten Bestätigungen im Line-Up los:

Ame (live) | Atari Teenage Riot | Gui Boratto | Boys Noize | Bpitch @ Sleepless Floor: Ellen Allien, Kiki, Chaim, Skinnerbox | Busy P | Cut Copy | DAF | Isolée | Fritz Kalkbrenner | Paul Kalkbrenner | Markus Kavka | The Koletzkis | Live At Robert Johnson @ Sleepless Floor: Roman Flügel, Arto Mwambé, Manuel Raven, Oliver Hafenbauer, Gerd Janson u. a. | Loco Dice | M.A.N.D.Y. | Miss Kittin | Modeselektor present Melt!Selektor | Monarchy | Pulp | Robyn | The Streets | Tensnake | Total Confusion B2B2B – Tobias Thomas, Michael Mayer & Superpitcher

Man darf definitiv gespannt sein, was da noch so kommt.

Danke an Krä für den Hinweis.

Free Download: Mathias Schaffhäuser – “In concert”

Mathias Schaffhäuser und sein Kölner Label Ware hauen ein Gratisalbum mit Namen “In Concert” raus. Darauf enthalten sind 11 Tracks, die Schaffhäuser live performed hat. Der Großteil davon wurde im Leipziger Club Ilses Erika im Rahmen des Popup Festival 2010 aufgenommen.

[…] The idea for “In Concert” goes back to my first concerts in 2008 when I realized that this concept would just have to be recorded one day – it was such great fun right from the start and in this techno house circus I dare say, this is rather unheard of. Especially, however, because I gradually added more and more vocals and instruments to the set (a bluesharp, a melodica and percussion), which led to ever more specialized versions.

Around 70% of the concert you can listen to here was recorded at the club “Ilses Erika” in Leipzig, where I performed as part of the Popup Festival 2010. Some bits and tracks are taken from live gigs at the Zenzi Club in Mumbai (India), Maria am Ufer in Berlin and from the Suxul club in Ingolstadt. They were chosen simply because there was something special to them or because the Leipzig recording had dropouts or other little glitches that needed to be replaced. Other than that, there are no additional overdubs or corrections; the club vibe and the slightly rough sound were to stay intact. Only the vocals on “Confusion / Hey Little Girl” have been doubled as I couldn’t find a single recording on which my voice was loud enough. But even here, it was done without the usual studio tricks. […]

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Remix Contest: Martinez – “Paradigm Shift”

Martinez Remix Competition

Moon Harbour Recordings und Junodownload veranstalten einen Remix-Contest. Martinez‘ Track “Paradigm Shift” soll hierbei von euch neu interpretiert werden. Die Teilnahme gestaltet sich recht einfach:

  • 1. Bei Juno kann man sich die Parts des Tracks herunterladen sowie die Teilnahmebedingungen einsehen.
  • 2. Man baut seinen Remix zusammen.
  • 3. Man lädt seinen fertigen Remix bis zum 15. Februar 2011 in die Soundcloud Dropbox von Moon Harbour.

Natürlich gibt es dabei auch etwas zu gewinnen. Neben dem Release des besten Remixes auf Moon Harbour Recordings bekommt der Gewinner zusätzlich einen 100£ Gutschein für Junodownload sowie einen Soundcloud Pro Account im Wert von 250€. Na wenn das nix ist?!

via Raveline

Get the free Club Transmediale Compilation

CTM.11 Compilation

Club Transmediale ist Berlins einzigartiges “festival for adventurous music & related visual arts” und findet dieses Jahr vom 1.-6. Februar statt. In Zusammenarbeit mit De:Bug und Zero” wurde eine Festival-Compilation released und die ersten 2000 User können sich diese kostenlos herunterladen. Einen kleinen Haken gibt es allerdings: Ihr müsst euch dazu bei Zero” registrieren, aber in anbetracht der Tracklist kann man das schonmal machen. 😉 Unter anderem bekommt ihr Tracks von Monolake, Ikonika, Modeselektor und auch Siriusmo ist mit seinem neuen Track “Mosaik” vertreten.

Download CTM.11 Official Compilation

Tracklist CTM.11 Official Compilation:

  • Signal – Zeche
  • Monolake – Avalanche
  • Raime – This Foundry
  • Hype Williams – три полосы
  • Siriusmo – Mosaik
  • Ikonika – Ingredients
  • Cosmin TRG – Liebe Suende
  • Half Hawaii – Emperors Of Venus
  • Gold Panda – Snow & Taxis
  • Modeselektor remixed by Phon.o – Art & Cash (Phon.o Remix)
  • Zombie Zombie – Escape from LA Main Theme
  • Mark du Mosch – Airforce
  • The Field – Sequenced
  • Erik K Skodvin – Graves
  • Hauschka – Blink

Mix-CD: Robag Wruhme – Wuppdeckmischmampflow

Robag Wruhme Mix CD

Und nochmal unsere Thüringer Bassrolle Robag Wruhme. Diesmal mit einer Mix-CD auf Kompakt, welche am 17.01.2010 released wurde. “Wuppdeckmischmampflow” heisst das gute Stück und knüpft vom Prinzip her an die “Metawuffmischfelge” an. So erwartet euch also ein buntes Potpourri aus feinsten Tracks, welche Robag digital durch den Fleischwolf gedreht hat. Man kann es nicht so gut beschreiben, man muss es einfach hören. Oder um es mit Honkis Worten zu sagen: “[…] die Scheibe kann was! Einiges sogar.”

In the comforting seclusion of the Spreewald, a vast forest area south of Berlin, somewhere along the famous 250km long Gherkin-Bicyclepath, a man from Thuringia found a home with a pig. This was where he wanted to rest. He just wanted to rest, daydream, eat gherkins and possibly drink a glass of good wine here and then. And so it was. He rented the house, hung out eating gherkins with the pig and let it all hang out. He couldn’t care less about everything else. But then something happened… he was kissed by The Muses and recorded a mix CD. This man is called Gabor Schablitzki, better known as Robag Wruhme, 1/2 Wighnomy Bros, Themroc, Machiste, Rolf Oksen or even as Die Dub Rolle. His discography is as stunning as the list of his DJ appearances. There’s not a soul with the slightest interest in electronic music who has ever danced to a track by this extraordinarily gifted producer. He’s one of the few that truly created his own signature sound. A Robag track is a Robag track is a Robag track. Likewise, as a DJ he hardly manages to hide his genius. This swinging sexiness of his own productions serves as a framework for his otherwise rather eclectic universe in which Thom Yorke and Germany’s most cranky comedian Helge Schneider talk the same language, where con amore jazz buddies with thumping techno. Robag’s trademark is his excessive use of reverb effects. Like black holes they suck in and spit out the most varied influences. It’s a kind of magic. “WUPPDECKMISCHMAMPFLOW” is Robag Wruhme’s latest mix CD and could be considered as an immaculte conception. It was crafted incidentally between feeding the pig and unscrewing gherkin glasses, so to say. Far away from the hectic turmoil of clubs and airports, he began toying around with his favourite tracks and songs. It turned out as a very intimate, wonderful piece of music that Robag needed to share with us. It’s boom time for the bespoke reverb effects. He gingerly interweaves music by Moderat, Four Tet, Ricardo Villalobos, Whomadewho, Danny Norbury, Trentemöller and Tiefschwarz into a greater ONE. “WUPPDECKMISCHMAMPFLOW” became an honest, touching, life-enhancing affair. The perfect co-driver, room mate, old sport, dear abby and pocket hand warmer.


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Robag Wruhme Interview – “The last 4 years i was a machine”

Kürzlich wurde unsere liebste Thüringer Bassrolle auf einem (dänischen) Event zu seiner musikalischen Auszeit befragt und gibt entspannt Auskünfte über Burnout, die Wighnomy Brothers, Remixe die er nicht mag, die Olsenbande, das verlieren der musikalischen Identität und und und … einfach mal den Sprachgenerator im Kopf anwerfen und los geht der Gaborekkspress!